What was Marcus Garvey Doctrine to Africa

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What was Marcus Garvey Doctrine to Africa Marcus Mosiah Garvey was a black diaspora Pan Africanist from Jamaica during the first jubilee of the 20th century. Murcas activities were influential in the struggle against white supremacy,imperialism and colonial exploitation.

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Though Gurvey had millions of followers and great Pan African leaders whom he inspired like Malcom X, Nelson Mandela,Bob Marley,Nkwameh Nkrumah and many more.He believed that blacks in diaspora could only have equal rights and the space to economic development in their ancestral land Africa. Black star liner Shipping company and UNI Garvey believed that all Africans taken abroad due to slavery should return back to Africa where he believed is the only place where they could live free and thrive. This lead to the formation of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and Black star line shipping company that was to oversee the transportation of the willing black back to Africa. However the shipping company suffered from lack of adequate funds to fund the repartrition journey across the Atlantic ocean.

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Garvey prophecy of Africa and African Faith Gurvey also insisted that all Africans should practice on faith, as he believed that practicing one faith would help unite Africans whom were mainly divided by tribal and cultural lines, colonial political boundaries and religious lines. Gurvey was also famous for his black prophecy of a black messiah whom would deliver Africans out of their colonial chains. This was a move that saw the eventual rise of rastafari that claim the revelation of the prophecy was through the Emperor Haile Selassie in 1928 coronation.