hCHeck out the international competition older than the world cup.

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The FIFA world cup is one of the oldest and famous international football competitions on the globe. However little is known of a international football competition older than the FIFA world cup.

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The COPA America is the oldest international football competition in the globe, the tournament was first held in Argentina in the year 1916 to celebrate Argentina's independence. Uruguay won the first tournament and have gone on to dominate the competition.Uruguay hold the record for most Copa trophies with 15 trophies. Other dominant teams in the tournament are

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1. Argentina 15. 2.Brazil 9. 3.Chile 7. 4.Peru 6. 5. Ecuador 3. The tournament is governed by South American football confederation (CONMEBOL), all 10 South American countries participate in the tournament with some extra invited teams. North American teams are common invites with Mexico, USA and Jamaica invited on several events. Mexico are the most successive invitees with two second place finishes.