The history of why Most African Countries have similar flags

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This is mainly attributed to the continent history, colonial imperialism forms a part of the continent history and is one of the key factors for the flags similar colors. Ethiopia was the only country in the continent to successfully resist European imperialism invision. Such news and glory was taken positively by millions of Africans across the continent and diaspora whom were fighting against racial discrimination and colonial exploitation. This would lead to formation of black activist group like the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) that adopted the diaspora red, green and black flag.

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While some newly independent African states chose to copy the red, gold and green from Ethiopia mainly as symbol of their freedom from colonial powers. Examples of countries adapting the red, gold and green colors on their flags include 1.Ghana 2.Mali 3.Senegal 4.Togo 5.Guinea bissau 5.Burkina faso Examples of flag adapting the Pan African flag colors include 1. Kenya 4.Libya 2.Malawi 5.Angola

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Generally most of the African flags we see today were design were greatly influenced by pan africanism activities and philosophies. For example in the red,green and black flag red represents blood shed in the fight against imperialism, green represented the vegetation and wealth of Africa while black represented the people of Africa. This is a philosophy adopted by most African states after independence.